Streamlined Human Capital Management

Human Resources - especially in a Shared Services environment - is charged with the responsibility of equipping organizations to effectively manage entire Human Capital lifecycles, streamlining HR business processes, maintain compliance with Governance Rules related to Document Retention, improving compliance, and providing better employee services. Use the document and employee management services from IDT to capture and organize the plethora of documents electronically.

What We Do

Using document scanners, Governance Rules as a Service (GRaaS) content services and document capture software, we digitize documents for easy, secured transportation and reading. Document classification to help you automatically categorize and organize your content much like what you do today with color coded tabbing techniques.  Workflow technology is included to automate functions such as 90 day review reminders, certification or credentialing expirations, or incoming email submissions (internal or external) with attachments.  We've got you covered!

We follow a strict process that is auditable and consistent to meet the ever-increasing and burdensome regulations.

Accelerate Implementation

Our solution minimizes document shipping, off-site storage/retrieval costs and the time-consuming, manual data entry process.  IDT provides content services and electronic document management solutions across many Human Resource Business Processes, including employee/associate files, FMLA, policies and procedures, on-boarding and off-boarding, employee/associate case and issue management, and recruiting/selection and much more.

By deploying solutions in a secured Cloud, organizations minimize the need for internal IT resources which can dramatically accelerate implementation and servicing timelines.

HR Solutions from IDT Chart

Drastic Improvements

In short, documents typically drive employee management from beginning to end. At IDT, we make the process even simpler and affecting your bottom line drastically. Additionally, with digital storage and granular access controls, document management solutions from IDT ensure that confidential employee information is secure while also providing the convenience of web-based retrieval.

Additional Benefits:

  •  HR Departments Reduce Time on Manual, Paper-Driven Tasks
  • Authorized Personnel Can Access Key Documents & Information Directly from Familiar HRIS Business Applications or Device-to-Drive Processes Forward
  • Access to Image & Document Enable Legacy Applications
    (Microsoft™ Access, SQL, & Internally-Developed HR Software Applications)

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