Comprehensive HR Credentialing & Credential Verification

Verifying various updates for provider files is certainly a manual and labor-intensive process. Your professional staff or outside contractors are frequently queried for licensing and state board certifications to confirm each update, and then those updates today are likely printed or emailed to hospitals for filing into paper files. With many states providing provider files and other essential information in an electronic format, you could be electronically printing the certificates into your HR credentialing solution with the help Integrated Document Technologies, Inc. (IDT) of Itasca, Illinois.

Eliminate the Need for Prints & Hard Copies

With our content services, document management and credential verification services, you completely eliminate the need to physically print out hard copy updates. Additionally, you won't have to file this information into folders. Instead, we design an rules based workflow process that electronically can interrogate the system for any credentialing updates and then send out an email notifications what was updated for each provider.

Critical for Providers

AT IDT, we understand that it's critical for health care providers to produce provider files for Joint Commission reviews and the increasing requests originating from the Payers. If an auditor shows up and randomly selects a handful of nurse practitioners or physicians to review, the hospital must produce those up-to-date credentials on the spot. Failure to do so may result in fines and a permanent record indicating non-compliance.

Credentialing Solutions

With HR credentialing from IDT, there is no need to deal with a deluge of paper files and color coded files to find a specific document. In fact, auditors can just log on to a web portal made available by you for their review. The auditors will have all records at their disposal such as a license for that individual, as well as the exact date and time it was last updated.

Additional documents such as provider contracts, I-9's. postgraduate training (internship, residency, fellowship), electronic fingerprinting, citations, medical school transcripts, clinical rotations, examination test results, ECFMG certification Status Report for international medical school graduates, (the list goes on and on). All these and more can be managed with HR Credentialing Solutions from IDT.


We Provide Solutions that Deal with:

Provider Credentialing & Re-Credentialing
Financial & Criminal Background Checks
Contract Generation & Revision Control
Legal & Compliance
Document Composition

St. Bernard Hospital

“The organizational capabilities of the new online data capture system are a huge win for us.”

- Donna Dertz, Director of Human Resources

St. Bernard Hospital

Many Benefits:

  • Reduce Costs - Save money by no longer printing, filing, and mailing paper documents & reallocate the limited budget for IT or EMR
    initiatives. Member hospitals also save. With all the consolidating going on in the industry, it's about lowering costs internally and delivering a different class of product and service to the end client.
  • Disaster Recovery - Paper records are a risk, and the thought of losing them is gut wrenching. Without HR credentialing and document
    management, you take a huge risk that you can otherwise avoid.
  • 24-Hour Online Access - The health care industry is 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our solutions are designed to meet the needed uptime.


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